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To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of being involved with the Educational Funding Company for almost 10 Years as a Head Instructor and the last 2 as a School Owner.

During this time I have found EFC’s staff to be professional, efficient, and helpful while remaining courteous and friendly to staff, students and their families. I will also give special mention to Alison Fleming who continues to go above and beyond with any challenges I have, or even the most basic of questions. She is fantastic example of the culture of their organisation.

Their tuition management system makes collection of fees so easy and any errors, mostly at my end, are promptly dealt with. They also provide reporting tools that aid in the management of my school.

Being involved with EFC also gives you access to a fantastic framework for networking and ongoing professional development, particularly their yearly summit, which is a must.

I cannot recommend The Educational Funding Company enough to school Owners of any style, size or genre. It will significantly change yours business for the best
Date of Posting: 09 June 2016
Posted By: Nathan Watford
Owner Black Belt Martial Arts Kincumber
The team at EFC have been a main factor in keeping our outstanding payments to a minimum. They work very closely with us as a team to ensure that they follow up any outstanding payments and communicate regularly what they have done. All of their hard work is a contributing component to our school's success. Pauline and Adrian Cornac Black Belt Martial Arts Mingara
Date of Posting: 30 May 2016
Posted By: Pauline & Adrian Cornac
Co-Owners Black Belt Martial Arts Mingara
Hey Sir,
I just wanted to say how thankful I am for our relationship. You guys at EFC Australia really helped pull everything together and I really appreciate it.

The Sydney Hyper Martial Arts Athlete Day was a fun day and everything turned out well because you guys smoothed out the front process and helped us promote.

Lets touch base sooner rather than later on setting up the billing there in Australia for our Australian clients. Your team are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, knowledgable and very insightful to running professional programs.

Thanks and tell Sally she is awesome!

Roland Osbourne
Date of Posting: 12 December 2013
Posted By: Roland Osbourne
Los Angeles
Dear EFC Team,

I would to take this opportunity to personally thank you all for your efforts to make the 2013 EFC Summit happen in Port Macquarie NSW!

A special thank you goes to Danielle Drew who worked tirelessly to ensure all went smoothly and for coordinating such a great team of diverse and interesting presenters.

The first ever EFC summit conducted in Australia was a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge across a range of subjects of the business side of the Martial Arts Industry.

Having attended the EFC Summit in Washington the previous year I was pleasantly surprised by the generosity that the World’s top school owners were willing to share and I am pleased to report that the Australian Professional Martial Arts community is also adopting this ethos.

The power of networking with like-minded Martial Arts Professionals not only enhances your own School it affords you the unique opportunity to forge long lasting professional relationships where at any time you can discuss the day to day challenges you may face at your School.

The more experienced Australian School owners are more than willing and extremely generous with both their time and knowledge and are keen to offer support and guidance.

As we have now ensured this top notch event will be held each year over the first week of February I encourage ALL School owners from the dedicated part time hobbyist to the most elite full time professional to pencil in this very important weekend.

Your participation will ensure you and your key staff start the year fully motivated and dedicated to bringing a renewed enthusiastic approach to your teachings, assisting your students to reach their goals and enhancing Martial Arts within your local community.

In conclusion the opportunities at the Australian EFC Summit are endless and I look forward to bringing another large contingent from the KRMAS organisation where I will be reacquainting myself with new found friends and forging new relationships.

See you there!
Yours sincerely

Kyoshi Kevin Blundell
Date of Posting: 04 June 2013
Posted By: Kyoshi Kevin Blundell
I would like to formally thank you for inviting me to attend the recent EFC Australian Summit in Port Macquarie. It was a great experience.
Firstly, I appreciated the opportunity to catch up with some amazing people who have shared large places in my Martial arts journey. These include Kevin Blundell and his great team of instructors, many of whom I have know and interacted with for many years, and who have been inspirational to me; - Brain Hayes, who I first met in the late 1980’s and has always awed me with his focus, stamina and talent, Clint Chaffey, who I have known for even longer and is a true warrior.
There were many others, such as Jim Phillips, Frank De Palma and Chris Robinson who I have heard or read about and who did not disappoint in the flesh, not to forget those who were new to me but were inspirational in their commitment to improving lives.
A standout example was Cindy Chong, who I gather is a relative youngster in the Martial Arts business world, but whose presentation reminded me of many things I love about our Industry, as well as reaffirmed my personal commitment to it.
The conference bore powerful testimony to the ability of disciplined, structured management and marketing to grow sustainable businesses. After all, we can help more people if we are able to worry less about paying the bills and focus more on teaching what we love.
It was great to see so many quality people in one place sharing their “ways” to build thriving, sustainable, inspiring businesses that do so much more than teach people to punch, kick and wrestle. They build confidence, resilience, health, hope, dignity, integrity and discipline in our families and communities .
Well done EFC and thanks again. I’ll be back.
Mr Macrae
Director, iKi Fit
Date of Posting: 04 June 2013
Posted By: Mr Macrae
Director, iKi Fit
Wow! Another great martial arts business seminar from EFC in Australia. Since returning I have only seen my school grow in terms of services , structure and size. The information I received over the weekend has already covered any expenses I incurred many times over. I’ve already started networking with other school owners not only in Melbourne but around the country all thanks to EFC. Thanks Again EFC for putting on such a fantastic event solely for martial arts school owners and their staff. Book me in for the next one.
Regards Craig Guest (Owner)
Guests Martial Arts
Date of Posting: 04 June 2013
Posted By: Craig Guest
Guests Martial Arts
To: Dave Durman, Danielle Drew, and the team at EFC
Re: EFC Summit Feb 2013

I wish to thank you for the opportunity to present at the EFC Summit in Port MacQuarie. It's a daunting prospect to present in front of so many martial arts professionals of such high caliber, but the encouragement I received from other much more worthy presenters as well as feedback from those who attended, was amazing. It's a true testament to the culture you've buill and the people you attract. It's very much a privilege to be part of not just the event, but also part of the mission to grow and strengthen our industry.

I am always overwhelmed when I attend EFC seminars: overwhelmed by the wealth of experience and the generousity of those around me. I was leaming·from not only the presenters but other attendees willing to share their stories. Over time, I came to understand that our journeys and obstacles are often similar. It's easy to identify with each other. lt's also empowering to be able to learn from one another. I always walk away with my mind fried from information overload and it takes months and months to digest it all. I can't comprehend the reluctance of those who choose not to attend, as the knowledge and relationships we gain from the experience is priceless.

What I love about being part of EFC's network is that you're clearly not alone. It allows you to have a much broader picture of the industry and what is possible. I often use music as an analogy to explain martial arts to people new to it. I tell them that like music, martial arts is broad. It covers many different styles, just like there are varying musical instruments. There's nothing wrong with drums, or guitar, or piano, or flute; we just find the one that we connect with the most. Within the music industry, it would be ludicrous if all pianists decide to never play with drummers simply because they chose a different instrument Can you imagine how limited music would be if that's the case? What we have at EFC, are martial artists from all over the world, coming together regardless of style or experience, sharing, learning, growing, and creating a brighter Mure for us all.

Forever grateful,
Date of Posting: 04 June 2013
Posted By: Cindy Chong
Martial Journey Academy of Martial Arts

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