Welcome to EFC Asia Pacific

Who are the Educational Funding Company?

The EFC Australia/New Zealand office has been under it's current ownership since 2008. We are a FULL SERVICE billing company catering to the fitness and sports industry specialising in Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga and Cross fit schools.  By engaging EFC's professional team to manage your tuition collection, your time and energy can be re-directed to the important areas of new student enrolment and student retention.  We are best known for our "personal touch" and our dependability, trustworthiness and rock solid integrity.  We believe deeply in a one-on-one relationship, so that we truly work together to guarantee your growth.

EFC Asia Pacific has the solid backing of an international market that has succesfully looked after clients since 1967.  All your information is securely backed up and your collected tuition is protected by bank reserves of a world wide organisation and an international cross checking system.  You can feel safe in the security of dealing with the longest serving martial arts tuition billing company in the world.

EFC was the first, and still continues to be, the leading tuition management and business consulting firm for professional Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga Schools, Gyms and the fitness Industry internationally.

Being in business for yourself is a real challenge. There are numerous details that need to develop a successful school. Training 10 to 15 years to be a top-notch Martial Artist for example, makes one a star in the classroom, but leaves out the complexities of the front office. This is where we excel.

Becoming a partner with the Educational Funding Company enables you to get expert guidance and helps in dealing with business practices, promotional campaigns, retention, staff training and most of all in generating a substantial contract amount.  All as a service to our clients.

Effective student tuition billing and collections are an extremely important part of the big picture.  EFC believes tuition billing and constructive consulting go hand-in-hand.  Attention to student needs, staff training, curriculum and class scheduling are areas that require all of the school owners' attention. 

Leaving the time consuming job of tuition collections to EFC guarantees maximum effectiveness by our daily monitoring of all student accounts and the joy of getting doing what you love most by virtue of having us as your partner.  It also helps you return to the times where the Student/Teacher relationship was strong and respectful without the hinderance of chasing money.

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