AquilaThere's an old saying... It's hard to soar with eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys! Likewise it's hard to succeed in business without the right tools or the right partners.

With EFC you've got the right partner and now EFC has taken the next step in improving it's world class service by developing it's own unique software specifically designed to meet our clients varying needs.  With InFocus you're connected to the eagle, EFC.

InFocus is not just a billing system but a Full School Management System that links directly to our billing system immediately, real time.

With InFocus you can manage all the facets of your business including:
  • Set up multiple student debit agreements.
  • Manage and market to Prospects, Students and Ex-students
  • Manage multiple programmes (eg. Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ, Hyper) at the one school.
  • Make student appointments
  • Maintain attendance records with barcode scanning
  • Keep track of promotions across multiple programs
  • Generate financial reports
  • Manage students cash payments
  • Set up scheduled letters
  • find birthday lists
  • manage renewals
  • auto renewing
  • student ID cards
  • manage Class sizes through class registrations
  • Manage DNS followup
  • and much more...
We are building InFocus to be your single business system using our vast experience in the industry but we are also making it as flexible as we can so you can make it suit your business rather than change your business to suit it.

When is it available?

InFocus is AVAILABLE NOW and being used by Australian, Canadian, UK and USA clients. It now includes,
  • email broadcasting tools
  • SMS broadcasting tools
Updates are ongoing every 3 weeks and planned features include the following suggestions from our users....
  • Marketing planning tools
  • Training links
  • School Email management
In fact InFocus is SO client focused, we'd like your feedback and tell us what you'd like to see in the software.

How much does InFocus cost?

InFocus is FREE to all EFC Billing customers.  That's right. Free! No need to pay ongoing monthly fees or yearly update charges.  You get everything just for being an EFC Billing member.

Non members pay $179 per month. As an EFC member you receive this state of the art program at NO CHARGE.