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You may have heard of Kyoshi Dave Kovar. He runs a chain of successful martial art schools in America. He also has  a program called ProMAC Express,  which is an online coaching and consulting program specifically designed for martial arts school owners. Many of our clients use it, our Director uses it in his school and it is amazing. 

Here is a link that describes  it further. ProMAC You Tube clip

We are excited to share with you a special offer that is just for EFC Aisia Pacific clients that might be interested in using the program. 

The normal monthly rate for ProMAC Express is US$249.00 and it is worth every penny. Dave has agreed to discount it to all EFC Australia/New Zealand clients to just $199.00 when collected through EFCAP.

So you can save $600 a year on one of the best online coaching packages around just by being an EFC member.

With ProMAC, You Get All This


ProMAC365 shows you exactly what the Kovar’s team is doing every day of the year. It includes our class messages and drills for each week.

ProMAC365 is an innovative system that shows you at a glance what we’re doing in our schools. Every week of the year has its own areas of focus. Whether it’s back to school season or the times when we deal with competing activities, ProMAC365 shows you what to do and when to do it. And the best part is that you and your ProMAC Success Coach can customize your ProMAC365 calendar to include any item you want to add. See a sample week of ProMAC365.

Kovars Resource

You’ll get unlimited, on-demand access to over 1,000 documents and videos in the Kovar’s Resource Library.

The Kovar’s Resource library is unlike any other set information for school operators. Every item in the Kovar’s resource library was developed by the Kovar’s team for use at our Kovar’s schools. The Resource Library is packed with the industry’s best practices for student acquisition, retention, staff training, and much more. In addition to all the great operational instructions, you’ll find Dave Kovar’s complete Life Skills program. See a partial list of what’s in the Resource Library.

PLUS! You also get this powerful tool.

Instructors TB

The Instructor Toolbox includes Dave Kovar’s instructor training system, great material for advanced students, plus three new drills every week.

Dave is able to give us the tools needed to keep our classes exciting, our students progressing, and our instructors motivated, while paying attention to the bottom line. As a school owner, he is able to present to me new insights, methods and the means to take myself, my school and my instructors to the next level.
Sue Garstki, Krav Maga Illinois

If you want to learn how to run and operate a successful martial art school like a traditional martial artist, then you need to learn from Master Dave Kovar. I have been following his teachings for 15 years. He is still a hard practicing martial artist with one of the most successful chain of martial art schools in the country.
Chan Lee, Milwaukee, WI