Networking & Coaching

EFC's Annual International Summit (USA)

Held around October-November each year, this is a forum for a robust exchange of ideas. Uplifting, revitalizing and connecting our clients with one another, this is an opportunity for clients to be around and learn from the best business people and martial arts enthusiasts in the world.

“My instructor and I hated for the 2010 Summit to end. We left it with a million ideas and a new outlook on our business. We really appreciate all of you at EFC!”
—Sue Garstki, Owner/Head Instructor, Krav Maga Illinois

EFC Australia / New Zealand Summit

Running on the first weekend of February every year is a premier opportunity to meet with leaders of the industry from Australia, New Zealand and internationally.  With Guset speaker from large and small schools around the world this event is sure to provide you the exactly the information you need to take your business to the next level.

Another great martial arts business seminar from EFC in Australia.
Since returning I've only seen my school growing terms of services, structure and size. Information I received over the weekend has already covered any expenses incurred many times over.
I've already started networking without the school owners not only in Melbourne around the country all thanks to EFC."
—Craig Guest, Owner/Head instructor, Guest's Martial Arts

Networking and Coaching through your Account Executive

Your Account Executive can connect you with any resource, networking relationship, or martial arts support material you might need. They know what is working for other clients at every moment, and can share this knowledge with you.

Our Account Executives are fully trained in school management procedures and practices that EFC are famous for. Your Account Executive is a specialist and able to coach you and your staff to reach your goals of business growth.

Regional Meetings

Much like the annual summit, EFC’s top performing schools host regional meetings, also known as X-Factors, several times every year. This is another great opportunity to learn cutting-edge business development ideas from other martial arts school owners. Generally these are ran in a host school premises and are run all over the country.(If you are an EFC client and would like to host one of these events Email us... )

Round Tables

Round Tables are smaller invitation only events designed to encourage clients to share information and resources to help each other grow their businesses.  Using our knowledge of our clients strengths and weaknesses we facilitate the meetings in such a way that all attendees benefit from each others interaction.


The Professional Martial Arts College program is the industries leading online resource for Martial Arts school owners. Written by Kyoshi Dave Kovar from his vast experience in the industry and years of interaction with EFC, this system puts all the management tools a school owner needs right at your finger tips.

EFC Asia Pacific is proud to have a close relationship with Kyoshi Dave Kovar and through that we are able to offer our clients ProMAC at a specially reduced price.   Click here for more details or talk to your Account Executive today.