Grow your School

Established Growth System

EFC has come up with a whole system of management and marketing techniques that you will receive as one of our valued clients. These are certain to make your school grow. These systems have been adopted uniformly across the world in the 40+ years since Chairman Cokinos came up with them. They include “Seven and a Half Magic Questions,” “The Famous Extension Conference,” “The ABC Theory,” and “Half Moon Theory” to name just a few. Following the systems explained in publications such as “Take A Minute,” “EFC Management Guides,” and “EFC Marketing Guide” will ensure your school’s success.

Once you become an EFC client, you will be assigned an Account Executive (AE), who will monitor your account every day. Your AE will become an extension of your own team by:

  • Daily Monitoring of Electronic Accounts
  • Rapidly following up on electronic declines, credit card declines and EFT rejections (any billing failures) on a daily basis.
  • Creating a Supportive Relationship
  • Reminding you of upcoming events, pertinent articles in the Eagle Express and interviews in the Talk Radio, and how to utilize EFC’s software products, online services and support material.

“Follow EFC systems exactly! Don’t reinvent the wheel or even try to improve the wheel. Utilize EFC’s training tools! We use the “Take a Minute” booklet created by Chariman Cokinos as our Business Bible, along with the online training tools and videos that have been created for the purpose of staff development.”—Sheeba Lee, co-owner of Black Belt Martial Arts Center, MD “When someone asks me what the biggest turnaround that made our school successful was, I always say that there were two things. Joining EFC was the first. The second was that we formed a black belt club, which is crucial to long-term retention, which EFC helped us with.”—Bill Taylor, Bushido School of Karate, TN

“There are a lot of things that EFC has helped us with… how to operate the school in general, from the intro system, to the enrollment system, to the upgrade system.”
—Mike Vacca, East West Karate, PA

“When you study EFC systems closely, you will find that they provide us with all the necessary tools to grow a healthy and prosperous martial arts school.”
—Zulfi Ahmed, Bushi Ban International,MPower-logo-consulting

Additional support material

The information gushing out of EFC is akin to the experience of trying to drink water through a fire hose. Being an EFC Member will allow you to receive:
  • The MPower Express, a management guide for martial arts school owners.
  • Talk Radio, Audio CDs featuring interviews with successful school owners.
  • The All Stars Journal, which lists the position of most of EFC’s schools in terms of school gross (which can be a great indication of where you stand and what your goal should be).
  • E-marketing as well as traditional print marketing material.

EFC is adding to our client services all the time, You'll always receive more from EFC.