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 Are you ready for a fresh new approach to building your school? If so, simply contact us or fill out the form below. Make note of the best day and time to reach you, then pencil it into your calendar, as you will receive a call from us.

The first step of the enrollment requires a 10-minute analysis by phone. We will see to it that one of the Executives at EFC begins to work with you personally. (By the way, you do not need to be registered with EFC for this work to begin. Our work with you will be with no strings attached.) You will be pleasantly surprised when your school begins to show results in less than three weeks.

"At our Short meeting Mr (Dave) Durman took me through some procedures and then gave me some CD's, he said "Make sure you listen to them." I couldn't find a CD player fast enough.  I listened and listened again and again, now everything is coming together.  It all makes sense and since then I have followed the EFC principals.... 1st month with EFC 50% more than any other month... 2nd month with EFC 100% increase... Thanks Dave and the EFC Family." 
Davis Massey, Master Instructor, Loong Chi Do Goshu Kempo


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